Committees & Groups

Board of Trustees: Chair – Bruce Partington

Finance: Chair – Ken Hutchinson

Ministry and Personnel: Chair – Donna Wyatt

Music: Director of Music – Margaret Ward-Jack

Property: Chair – Myra Lonsbury

Northern Spirit Region  Representatives:   Ken Hutchinson, Betty Welsby and Susan Waldie

Outreach: Chair – Percy Zalasky

Stewardship: Chair – Gord Welsby

United Church Women (UCW): President – Jo-Ann Wilson Symonds

Worship: Chair – Holly Parker

Affirm:  Betty Mackey

Rentals: Kathie Zalasky

Living in Right Relations: Marilyn McSporran

Children’s Ministry: Amy Bautista

Youth Group: Lori Sartison

Ministry of Administration – Bruce Clark

Service Assistant, Readers and Ushers – Beryl Watson

Greeters – Donna Wyatt

Outreach & Inclusion Ministry – Betty Mackey