Baptism is a celebration of community — with one another, with God and with Jesus. As we pray in thanksgiving for the gift of water used in baptism, we acknowledge the grace of God’s Spirit calling us into liberation and new life. In the celebration we welcome adults, infants and children into the life of the Faith Community, praying for an openness to God as revealed in Christ, Creator and Holy Spirit.

We celebrate baptism every second month (usually the third Sunday) from September to June, and by special request in summer months. Following a visit from our minister, a two-evening baptismal information session is offered to families seeking Baptism (or a one-evening Christian parenting session for families who have previously had a child baptized here). Emphasis is placed upon sharing faith, especially in the context of the birth of a child, the meaning and story of baptism as well as the commitment for further congregational involvement that baptism implies. Families are encouraged to include the involvement of godparents/sponsors in the service of baptism.

In addition, we celebrate baptism with older children, youth and adults after a period of personal preparation.

Baptisms can be arranged by calling the church office at 780-458-8355.